Field of Glory II: Medieval – Combat Capabilities


Combat Capabilities

The combat system is function-based. The mere possession of a weapon is not sufficient to qualify for a combat capability. For example, many missile-armed troops were equipped with a cheap side-arm but were not well-practiced in its use and so do not have swordsmen capability. Similarly, some cavalry primarily operating as horse archers also carried lances, but are not given lancers capability because their primary tactic was horse archery rather than a fierce charge with the lance. Some Byzantine units had some ranks with lance and some with bow, but these units operated principally as lancers with fire support during the charge.OnlyHighly Superior or Elite units can be trained sufficiently to have both 100%Lancer and 100% Bow capability and operate equally well in either role.


Allocation of capabilities inevitably has a subjective element. Capabilities are situational and may not result in points of advantage in every combat.


Units may have men with different capabilities – if so this is expressed as a percentage value. E.g. Szekler cavalry who have Light Spear (100%), Swordsmen (100%) and 50% Bow capability.



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