Field of Glory II: Medieval – Troop Types


Troop Types

Troop TypeDescription

Heavy Foot – Foot troops who fight in close formation such as most Medieval spearmen.


Medium Foot – Foot troops who fight in close formation, but are more lightly equipped, such as Welsh or Free Canton spearmen. They are still capable of fighting in the main battle line, but are not as resilient as heavy foot. However, their lighter equipment means that they
are less affected by terrain.


Warriors – Tribal warbands fighting in a less dense formation, such as Baltic Foot.


Bowmen – Massed bowmen, crossbowmen or longbowmen. These are very vulnerable to a mounted charge if caught in open ground.


Light Foot – Foot troops who fight in a dispersed formation with missile weapons. They are best at harassing enemy from a distance, evading if charged, and operating in difficult terrain.


Mob – Untrained rabble, usually of low morale, fighting as a disorganized mass. They may be equipped with only peasant weapons or may have been hastily equipped with proper weaponry but not trained to use it effectively.


Knights – European Medieval knights. They ride knee to knee on heavy horses and rely on a devastating charge with couched lance. Usually, only a proportion of the men are actual knights, with less well-equipped sergeants or other retainers filling up rear ranks.


Light Horse – Lightly equipped horsemen specializing in skirmishing, usually with missile weapons.


Cavalry – Most other non-light mounted troops fall into this category.


Cataphracts – Fully armored lancers on armored horses. Their heavy equipment means that they are not as mobile or maneuverable as other cavalry.


Elephants – War elephants, whose strength is breaking into solid lines of enemy troops or frightening enemy horses.


Camelry – Camel-mounted cavalry. Like elephants, camels frighten horses.


Light Artillery – Light bolt-shooters or gonnes. These have some mobility on the battlefield.


Heavy Artillery – Heavy stone-throwers or gonnes. These have little mobility once set up on the battlefield.


Standard Wagon – Wagon carrying the army’s main battle standard. Guarded by a strong force of resolute armored spearmen. Bolsters the overall morale of the army while it stands close to the main battle line. Its loss will inflict a severe blow to the army’s morale.

Baggage – The baggage train of the army. Its function is to require protection.


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