Phoenotopia Awakening – All Upgrades Guide


All Upgrades

This page contains the locations for the permanent upgrades that Gail can obtain/learn throughout her journey.


Atk Location Specifics Details
7 Panselo Village Storeroom —–
9 Atai Town Item Shop Costs 200 R
11 Daea City Smithy Costs 300 R
14 (Trading Sequence) —–
Def Location Specifics Details
0 —– —– (available by default)
1 Atai Town Item Shop Costs 150 R
2 Daea City Smithy Costs 250 R
3 GEO Club —– Traded with 6 GEO Tickets
Location Requirement Details
1 SE of Atai —– Overworld encounter in the grass area
2 Daea City —– Pay 150 R in the Dojo, underground westmost
3 Ouroboros Hideout Sonic Spear Offer the first pair of Ouroboros Scrolls to Atri
4 Old Castles
(between the Walls, east)
—– Offer 1 Blue Lobster Special,
1 Spicy Noodle, 2 Grape Cakes
5 Cosette Village —– Finish Aella’s sidequests
6 Terrelum —– Complete the rooftop training in Terrelum
Location Requirement Details
1 Atai Town —– (story)
2 GEO Base —– Pay 200 R to become a GEO Club member
3 Panselo Village Leo (story)
4 Panselo Village Aella Part of Aella’s sidequests
5 Ouroboros Hideout Rocket Boots Offer the 3rd pair of Ouroboros Scrolls to Atri
—– —– “A C E”
Location Requirement Details
Panselo Village The Royal Hymn Exchanged with 10 Moonstones each
Artifacts Shop The Royal Hymn Reward for submitting 8 different Lunar Artifacts
The Forgotten Pier —– Defeat the Slargummies (Green) in Subterra
GEO Club Lifesaver Traded with the 1st Antique Pin
HP Regen
Terrelum —– Costs 1000 rin


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