Pumpkin Days – How to Plant Trees?


How to Plant Trees?

To plant trees you need to equip a hoe and click on the ground to till the soil. Once the soil is tilled hold some seeds and click on the tilled plot to plant. Trees can be planted at any season. You can buy hoes at the local Blacksmith’s. You can also create them.



1. Soil before till.

2. Soil is tilled. If you tilled the soil of 3×3 then when equipping the seed to sow it will mark the adjacent squares with red, in warning signal that it cannot be sown with the current conditions.


3. By removing the adjacent squares from where we want to sow then we can to sow the tree. We can also observe the imaginary lines of the space that the tree occupies when it grows.


4. Soil with seeded sapling.


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