Sword of the Necromancer PC Keyboard Controls Guide


PC Keyboard Controls

These are the default bindings. You can change the keyboard keys in Settings, pressing the Z key in the Controls display screen.


W – Up

S – Down

A – Left

D – Right

L – Use Slot 1

K – Use Slot 2

J – Use Slot 3

I – Use Slot 4

M – Toggle Map View


To use the mouse, just click anywhere while controlling the character. The button prompts will change to the mouse buttons. To restore them to the keyboard ones, just press one of the keys assigned to any of the slots.


When using the mouse, the left mouse button is assigned to Slot 1, while the right mouse button is assigned to one of the other three slots. You can change the slot assigned to right mouse button using the mouse wheel or pressing the TAB key on your keyboard.


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