The Medium PC Keyboard & Gamepad Controls


PC Keyboard & Gamepad Controls

The default control scheme for The Medium for PC is:



W, A, S, D: Movement


E: Climb


L. Shift: Hold to run


C: Toggle sneak


F: Hold for out of body experience


Left Alt: Hold to hold breath


Esc: Pause menu


Tab: Inventory


Mouse Left-click: Interact in the material world


Mouse Right-Click: Interact in the spirit world


R: Transcription


Q: Back


Left Ctrl: Hold for insight


Scroll: Hold down for spirit shield


Spacebar: Hold down for spirit blast




View Button: Inventory


Left Trigger: Hold to run


Left Bumper: Insight


Left Joystick: Movement (Hold down to sneak)


Menu Button: Pause Menu


Right Trigger: Hold for spirit blast


Right Bumper: Hold for spirit shield


Y Button: Climb


B Button: Back (Hold down for out of body experience)


X Button: (Interact in the material world)


A Button: (Interact in the spirit world)


Right Joystick: Camera (hold down to hold breath)


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