War on the Sea – Battle Editor Guide


Battle Editor


From left to right:


Battle Settings (F5) – Open/close Battle Settings panel.


Unit Viewer (F6) – Open/close Unit Viewer panel.


Next Group (F7) – cycle through all groups on map.




Set the time, date, weather and location of the battle here.


Choose side to play (BLUE or RED).


WORLD begins the battle.


SAVE/LOAD the battle (to load a battle in progress use Single Battle/Load).


QUIT/CONFIRM to return to Main Menu.


Terrain: Enter the approximate decimal degrees for the location. World terrain surrounding the Pacific Ocean is currently available.


CLEAR ALL delete all existing Sea and Air groups.





Assign side, either Red or Blue.


Assign formation and spacing.


LEFT CLICK Course to enter navigation mode and LEFT CLICK on map to place AI navigation waypoints for the selected group. LEFT CLICK Course again or use Escape to exit navigation mode.



LEFT CLICK 2 ships in a group to select them and use SWAP to change their positions within the group/formation.


LEFT CLICK one or more ships in a group to select them and use REMOVE to remove them from the group. Removing all ships deletes the group.


Use sliders to set starting speed and heading.



LEFT CLICK on Plus or Minus buttons to edit the number of aircraft, reducing to 0 will delete the group.


Only one aircraft type allowed per group.


Use dropdown to set payload for aircraft.


Use sliders to set starting speed, heading, and altitude.




Sea groups only. Shows the layout of ships based on the formation settings.


Numbers correspond to each ship in the group. Use the SWAP function to move individual ships within the formation as desired.




LEFT CLICK a Sea or Air icon to select that group.


Selected group icon is highlighted in yellow.


LEFT CLICK and drag the map to reposition it as desired.


Center of the combat engagement zone is at the center of grid.


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