War on the Sea – How to Create a New Sea Group


How to Create a New Sea Group

LEFT CLICK a home port, then LEFT CLICK NEW SEA button to recruit ships. Using the Unit Viewer, navigate to the ships desired, use the names in class dropdown to select individual ships and then use

Add Unit (Return) to add them to the new sea group.



Highlight one or more ships by LEFT CLICK on their icons.


REMOVE: remove one or more highlighted ships from the group.


SWAP: change the locations of two selected ships within the group.


Cancel: close the new group without creating it, spending no COMMAND POINTS.


Rename: type a new name for this Sea group.


DONE: Create the group, total cost for all units is shown and enough COMMAND POINTS must be available.



When selecting individual ship names in the Unit Viewer, some may not be available based on the prefix in front of their name:


(C) – Command. This ship is already under your command.


(U) – Unavailable. This ship is not available in the campaign. It is already sunk or not in service at the time.


(S) – Sunk. This ship has been sunk during the course of the campaign.


(R8) – Repair. This ship is under repair and will be available to recruit in the number of days indicated, in this example 8.


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