War on the Sea – Manual Attacks



Unlike using ship weapons (which open a panel to operate them), aircraft weapons directly fire (or drop) the weapon.


Use Machine Guns button Alpha1 in toolbar to fire (and stop firing) machine guns. A status bar on the icon shows ammunition remaining.


Using any other aircraft weapon will fire (or drop) it immediately.


Using Alpha6 Bomb Doors or Alpha7 All Drop commands will execute the command for ALL selected aircraft.



For bombs and aerial depth charges, a bombsight is displayed on the map which can be overlayed.


with the target intercept indicator. Lining up the two indicators and releasing bombs should put them near.


or onto the target, however, the target is free to maneuver prior to bombs hitting.


Defensive machine guns (rear gunners etc) cannot be used manually and automatically defend the aircraft.


Performing air attacks manually is entirely optional, but with practice they can be very effective and give you more control over avoiding anti-aircraft fire, attacking a particular.


part of a ship or turning during a strafe or rocket attack to spread it across a ship.


Training exercises 9 & 10 outline step by step instructions for performing various manual attacks with aircraft.


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