War on the Sea – Sensors & Detection


Sensors & Detection

See Unit Viewer (F6) Sensors & Armor tab for information about a ship’s sensors and detection characteristics.


Visual (Vis.) Horizon:

How far a ship can see. Larger ships can see further since they are taller.


Large contacts can be seen “over” the visual horizon.


Visual (Vis.)/Radar Detection:

How easy a ship is to spot visually or with radar. Smaller ships are harder to see or detect with radar.



Surface/Air Radar:

How far the radar on this ship can detect ships or aircraft under the very BEST of conditions.


Noise Level:

How noisy the ship is in decibels. Louder ships are easier to detect with passive sonar.


Active Detection:

How easily the ship is detected by active sonar. A large hull makes a ship easier to detect with active sonar.


Passive/Active Sonar Strength:

How far the sonar models on this ship can detect the largest noisiest contacts under the very BEST of conditions.


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